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Construction Supervision
Railway Equipment

ABS 38: Two track expansion Altmühldorf - Tüßling

DB ProjektBau GmbH

2013 - 2019

130.000.000 €

Local construction supervision, subsection site management

Civil engineering and superstructure on tracks and train station area

Constructive civil engineering

Cable laying

Command and signalling systems

50 Hz systems

Consideration of later electrification

Train station scrutinisation Hagen - north connection, lines 66-70 and 77-79

DB Netz AG

2016 - 2018

800.000 €

On-site building inspection

Rail building inspection pursuant to VVBau

Rail building inspection pursuant to VVBau-50 Hz

Complex measure “Weimar 2010” Weimar train station – Vieselbach train station, replacement of overhead contact lines

DB ProjektBau GmbH

2009 - 2014

14.800.000 €

Construction supervision

Electronic signal box Leipzig-Leutzsch/Plagwitz

DB ProjektBau GmbH

2011 - 2014

74.000.000 €

Construction supervision overhead contact line systems

Acceptance of 50 Hz systems

Renewal of the 110 kV traction power network 302, Großkorbetha - Gößnitz

DB Energie GmbH

2011 - 2012

Construction supervision

Supervision of foundation civil engineering, foundation reinforcement (plates, steps and/or heads), inner earthing, concreting, mast pre-assembly, fittings assembly, assembly auxiliary cross beams, assembly of auxiliary portals, cabling work

Checks of contractor implementation on the basis of project schedule, adherence to safety regulations, equipment

Participation in approvals by client

Deadline monitoring

Supporting contractor with regards to local coordination with property owners and authorities

Participation in taking possession of the property, and clarification of authorisation of access

Railway junction Magdeburg 1st expansion stage electronic signal box Magdeburg

DB Projekt Verkehrsbau GmbH

2001 - 2004

150.000.000 €

Construction supervision

Health and safety coordination

Specialist planning of technical equipment

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