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Feasibility study P+R facilities in the Hamburg region

P+R Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

2015 - 2016

62.982.000 €

Feasibility study

Project planning building, performance phase 1-2

Structural planning, performance phase 1-2

Technical building equipment, performance phase 1-2

Surveying services

Traffic survey of middle ring, Munich

State capital of Munich

2013 - 2014

Implementation and analysis of inspections of the survey area

Calculation of traffic intensity and routes along the middle ring for inventory and prognosis

Microscopic simulation and evaluation

Performance calculations

Comparison of simulation results and performance calculations

Traffic simulation FTC Ingolstadt

LGI logistics centre in the freight transport centre Ingolstadt


Inventory analysis of the existing traffic flows

Organisation of a count of the various transport types in the FTC (individual transport, stationary traffic, logistics transport)

Development of the microscopic simulation model of the FTC including the transit to the Audi factory

Identification of causes of disruptions

Development of optimisation measures

Comparative investigation of various bundles of measures

Variant recommendation

Audi AG – Simulation of logistics transport

Audi AG


Construction of the microscopic simulation environment with VISSIM

Modelling the specific vehicle types for the simulation

Mapping the logistics transport in VISSIM

Definition of the planned states

Integration of the planned states in VISSIM

Simulation of the traffic flow

Evaluation of planned states using traffic jam lengths, lost times, visual impression

Development of optimisation possibilities

Transrapid Tenerife


2010 - 2011 €

Feasibility study of maglev train

3D Visualisation

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