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Traffic Engineering

Tram Western bypass - planning traffic light systems and street lighting

State capital of Munich

2015 - 2022

13.349.980 €

Project planning transport facilities road, performance phase 2 , 3, 5, 6

Civil engineering planning of signalling and energy building measures, for the new build and replacement of traffic light systems, and conversions and changes

Planning of signalling and energy building measures for temporary traffic light systems

Civil engineering planning of communication networks for traffic management technology

Civil engineering planning for the final completion of the street lighting

Planning for temporary street lights

Lighting planning including lighting calculation

Empty conduit planning

Middle Ring South West - Planning of traffic light systems and street lighting

State capital of Munich

2009 - 2017

11.200.000 €

Project planning of technical equipment, performance phase 2 , 3 , 5-7

Special services: Sector coordination, scheduling, lighting calculation

New tram route to St. Emmeram in Munich

Stadtwerke München GmbH

2009 - 2011

30.000.000 €

Creation of a basic logistical concept

Proof of efficiency

Creation of green waves

Logistical planning of traffic light systems with local public transport acceleration

Creation of direct supply data in TRELAN/TRENDS

Rebuild Bahnhofstraße Penzberg Redesign of traffic light systems in the city centre

City of Penzberg

2009 - 2010

Controlling technology concept

Draft of green wave

Logistical project planning incl. signal layout plans, signal programme

Creation of tendering documents

Checking the systems to be built

Construction supervision


New planning of coordinated signal control in the course of the Western ring road (e-wave) in Ingolstadt

City of Ingolstadt


Analysis of existing situation

Evaluation of the determination of defects

Calculation of traffic ratios in the overall municipal network

Variant development

Replanning of green waves

Evaluation summary

Documentation of results

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