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Water & Environment

Steinraper Bach [stream] in Oer-Erkenschwick - Construction of the sewer and rain water treatment facilities

Emschergenossenschaft Lippeverband

2010 - 2017

9.000.000 €

Variant comparison

Project planning of open air facilities

- execution planning

- preparation of the contract awarding

- participating in the contract awarding process

- project monitoring, construction supervision and documentation

Site Management

Reconstruction and modernisation of the Zarqua river

Lubuski Zarzd Melioracji i Urzdze Wodnych w Zielonej Górze

2012 - 2014

1.016.166 €

Plausibility study

Environmental compatibility survey

Structural planning, draft and execution planning

Surveying services

Geological and hydrogeological documents

Water law expert report

Dendrological expert report

Preparation documents for the property division for the purpose of property expropriation and purchase

Sewage treatment plant Rhede – Studies for the improvement of micropollutant elimination and the energy balance

City of Rhede

2013 - 2014

Status analyses

Feasibility analyses

Drainage technology survey for the new build of the motorway A 26

Lower Saxony state authority for road building and traffic

2007 - 2010

3.000.000 €

Agreement with the association of water boards

Conceptual planning of the new overall system

Hydraulic calculation and creation of a water technology solution in the course of the re-draft planning

Master plan for the city of Dohuk (North Iraq)

City of Dohuk

2007 - 2008

360.000.000 €

Aerial survey

Master plan for town planning, drainage network incl. sewage treatment plant, individual transport, future local and long distance public transport

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